Getting Started

We are here to make sure you’re getting the most out of Recoup Reviews.

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Create Your Account

To get started, simply enter your company email then create and confirm a unique password.

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Complete Your Profile

Next, upload your logo, enter your name, business name, and phone number.

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Configure Automated Invites

This email will be sent after someone makes a purchase on your store according to the settings you select.

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Reward Your Reviewers

Here, you can decide how to reward your customers that leave a review. Rewards drive repeat traffic and encourage continued engagement with your brand.

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Post A Review Request On Your Social Media

Easily post review invites to Facebook and Twitter. Configure how social media reviewers will be rewarded.

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Welcome to your Recoup Reviews Dashboard!

Easily access review invite links, change settings, and manage incoming star, written, and video reviews!

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Display Reviews

Click the "Display Reviews" tab to insert review invite and review display widgets into your Shopify store.