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Recoup Video Reviews help your brand easily grow revenue, trust, and retention.

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Video Reviews Are Trusted By

Grow video content

Collect video reviews and ratings using our automatic review emails, with a social media link, or on-site with our Reviews Widget

Grow revenue

Automatically reward any video review (good or bad) with a one-time, unique, promo code to your store. Turn feedback into increased revenue.

Easily moderate

Unlike other review platforms, you control who sees which video reviews. Particularly passionate or insightful reviews can remain private and serve as valuable customer insights to help improve your brand.

Increase influence

Share your best video reviews everywhere customers are looking. Take advantage of our easy Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Shopify, Email, and Website integrations.

Powerfully simple

We provide everything that’s required to request and share customer video reviews anywhere. Recoup's video review platform powers user-generated content for online and in-person retailers, subscriptions businesses, software platforms and marketplaces, and everything in between.

Cart Generated

Create embed code and integrate with your cart. Verified customers rate and create video reviews of their transactions.

Link Generated

Create and share a review link anywhere. Your customers rate and create video reviews of your company and verify transactions afterward.

Recoup Generated

Recoup users rate and create video reviews of their everyday transactions available to you in your dashboard.

Prevent fake reviews

4 in 10 written internet reviews are fake. 60% of fake reviews harm your reputation.

Disgruntled Customers

Unresolved disputes expose your company to negative perceptions and reduces trust.

Non Customers

Hurts your company's review ranking and increases margin pressures from competitors.


Pollutes your online reputation and creates a bad customer perception with malicious content.

Swarm Attacks

Damages your brand and jeopardizes your relationship with customers, suppliers, and investors.

Returns Abusers

Puts your ability to accept payments, quality of service and product reputation at risk.


Unfairly increases negative perceptions while wasting internal resources responding and attempting to resolve.

Easily share anywhere

Share Recoup video reviews to any social, e-commerce, email, or website platform.

How do I get video reviews?

Every time a customer makes a purchase on your site, they'll receive an invite email. Or, create custom invite links and request reviews in email, on social media, or on your website.

How is my data secured?

Recoup uses 256-bit AES bank-level encryption, the advanced encryption standard, to protect and secure your data.

What is the cost?

Pay $0 for 90 days, then only $9.99 /month. Cancel anytime!

How do I share video reviews?

Recoup is fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok. Or, you can create custom video carousels and add to your online store or website. You can also download video reviews and share anywhere you want!

Who sees my video reviews?

Recoup's video reviews are available within our app and your dashboard. You can moderate and decide which video reviews get added to your online store, website, or your social media.

Ready to get started?

Create an account instantly and start requesting and receiving video reviews from your customers. Or, you can also contact us to request a demo for your business.

Pay $0 for 90 days, then only $9.99 /month. Cancel anytime!

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